First strike - in veneration of fallen heroes

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Quotes "Quick, quiet, or cheap, Cobra Commander. You got to choose two." —Firefly has a simple answer when criticized for bombing the museum "To the Barracudas!

With the deactivation of the bridge, Hashtag's broadcast cuts out, and Scarlett's Joes scramble for a plan of action. During the team's recent encounter with Baron Ironblood, they discovered that, underneath his helmet, he is actually their founder Joe Colton —which would be bad enough news on its own, if facial recognition scans of the video of the attack did not also identify prominent Cobra members Destro and Storm Shadow among his retinue. Scarlett observes that the villains' troop movements on Cybertron are disorganized, unlike anything the Colton she knew would put together, giving her some hope that all is not as it appears.

First Strike - In Veneration Of Fallen HeroesFirst Strike - In Veneration Of Fallen HeroesFirst Strike - In Veneration Of Fallen HeroesFirst Strike - In Veneration Of Fallen Heroes