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Those driver intoductions weren’t really for us though, they were specifically for brand new watchers of the sport – to get them into the drivers, let them choose a favourite and follow them through the race. I would like to know if new watchers did get anything out of it and if it helped turn a new watcher into a fan, because if it was any sort of success, I can support that kind of thing, no matter how difficult it was to watch!

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The album was produced at Flyte Tyme studios in Edina, Minnesota . Songs on the album, with the exception of "What'll I Do", were written by Janet Jackson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and mixed by Steve Hodge and Dave Rideau; "What'll I Do" was written and produced by Jackson and Jellybean Johnson. Jackson took a larger role in songwriting and production than she did on her previous albums. She explained that "[a]ll my records are personal, and janet, is the most personal of them all. That's why this time around it was important for me to write all the lyrics and half of the melodies." [14] Jam described the record as being "a more mature album musically." [21] David Ritz noted that Jackson and her producers took risks by experimenting with musical influences that had not appeared in their previous work. He explained: "She asked Kathleen Battle and Public Enemy 's Chuck D to contribute—an opera diva and a hardcore rapper, two artists one would not associate with Janet—and somehow pulled if off. Beyond Jam and Lewis, there's now a recognizable Janet Jackson production style that's gutsy and, in some cases, even eccentric." [14]

Ever since, the room has remained as she left it, carefully curated by the National Trust, packed away in a thousand leaves of tissue paper every winter, carefully revealed every spring.

Adam Jackson - SaxappealAdam Jackson - SaxappealAdam Jackson - SaxappealAdam Jackson - Saxappeal